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Our Commitment to Sustainability

Just as Mother Nature has blessed us with its gifts, we are committed to protecting the rainforests and rivers of Langkawi.


Our waters come from aquifers in the protected and conserved rainforests from South East Asia’s first designated UNESCO Global Geopark. We have also extended our efforts to maintaining a plastic-free environment among its oceans. We are looking at funding research of The Ocean Parabolic Cleaner (floating devices) invented by a team of Monash University students in Malaysia and is able to clean plastic debris off the surface of waters


In order to take charge of our bottle’s life cycles, we have plans to team up with Klean The World to set up recycling facilities around Langkawi together with our mineral water vending machines. Rewards in the form of cash backs are implemented to encourage recycling among people. This practice is already being used in Europe. By bringing it here we hope to lead the change from our own backyard.

Smaller Environmental Footprint

To minimize our impact on the environment, Langkawi Pure bottles utilize rPET (recycled polyethylene terephthalate) which is a material that can be recycled into other useful products. We also use glass bottles to minimize our environmental impact.

CSR Work

Besides smaller scale CSR efforts involving donations and providing food supply, one of our proudest projects is Air Medic, an air ambulance service for Langkawi Island. We will offer this free air ambulance service in the 2nd quarter of 2022 with every purchase of our Langkawi Pure mineral water. By making Langkawi more accessible, our goal is to save lives and ensure this humble island remains a safe place to visit.


The First GEOfood in Asia
We are humbled to be granted the First GEOFood in Asia. The GEOfood brand is owned by Magma UNESCO Global Geopark in Norway and is granted on products from UNESCO Global Geoparks which adhere to the high standards of sustainability. The products are also defined based on rich geological heritage.

In addition to Langkawi Pure’s sustainable operations, we strive to preserve and protect more than 12,000 acres of rainforests.
Link to letter from JMG:


Langkawi Pure uses Recycled PET (rPET) and glass bottles.
The key impact of rPET is in its creation – reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 79%, requiring less energy to produce when compared with Virgin PET.

This gives rPET a far smaller carbon footprint, at under a quarter of regular PET, 0.45 of CO2 per kg vs. 2.15 CO2 per kg.

Other benefits include:
-Less plastic going to landfill: through recycling and stopping the material entering landfill, no toxic chemicals are leaching into the groundwater during the years that they can take to break down
-Reducing the need to extract resources from the earth, using rPET offsets the need to create new PET