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About Us


Our water starts as rain at the top of the mountain. Seeping its way down, it naturally filters through 220-million-year-old granite formations, from ancient streams and hidden aquifers hundreds of feet below the surface. It is naturally enriched with healing and curative minerals. It is this natural rejuvenation that will quench the thirst for health with living water. We are the first Asian water brand to be granted Geofood status from Norway and harvest our waters from aquifers in untouched rainforests designated as Southeast Asia’s first UNESCO Global Geopark. We are water discoverers who bring a reservoir of wellness to people. We invite the world to drink with us, to good health, good taste and a good life

Our Sustainability Efforts

We value the source of our water and the environment around it. Without Mother Nature, we would not have Langkawi Pure. Our commitment to sustainability is practiced through every stage of production, the environment and our community.

Recycling & Conservation

Our bottles are recyclable and Langkawi Pure consistently encourages this practice locally among people. Conservation efforts involve the protection and maintenance of Langkawi’s rainforests as well as oceans